For the past week I have been able to do a little bit of xylophone practice at a time. I was able to practice in small increments in order to lead up to the final product. Due to my injury, I was only able to use one hand and so I made amendments accordingly. Therefore, something I realized along the way is that A Thousand Years needs to use both hands in order to be quick enough for it to flow and sound connected. Therefore I decided to accept the fact that the chorus of the song was slower when I played it with one hand. Throughout my practice I played around with various parts of the song and realized that the chorus was the most effective to do with one hand. I also decided to add in and play the introduction of the song. I am super excited that I was at least able to play and sing the chorus of the song, however I do believe that it could be more fluid and more on tempo. I found it rather difficult to sing to the speed I was going while using one mallet; therefore I believe that the singing did not flow as well as I would have liked, even after I had practiced numerous times.

All in all I am very happy I was able to at least to part of this song! I think the xylophone is a very useful and fun tool to use in the classroom and I was so grateful to be able to experience it and learn a few songs. I wish I could have been in class the day we did the xylophone but things happen. Thanks for an amazing term! I really enjoyed creating and blogging about my xylophone learning journey!

The following is my final video, hope you enjoy it!