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Final Activity: Create

For this activity I wanted to try something new while including a learning journey of this course! I decided to make videos since it is a multimedia principle of learning , which aligns with the UDL guidelines and diverse learners. Thus the key outcome it reflected was “examine and reflect upon the potential for equitable access for all learners in online and open learning contexts” . 


  • Powtoon
  • Animaker

Week 2: Padlet

I learned how Padlet allows students to feel empowered (outcome: “Develop an awareness of the potential of human-centered learning in online and open learning contexts”) and inclined to learn (anonymous questions). It also helps foster peer learning as students can respond to questions as well!

Here is the Padlet I created based on the response! 

Created using TechSmith Capture

I found this video very interesting and it also supported my question!

Week 1: Webinar with Dr Barb Brown

Dr Brown’s webinar followed the outcome of “Exploring and engaging with current literature on the distributed and open education movement”. This was attained by the multiple resources she shared (Jamboard and Padlet for example). I learned how relationship building and ice breakers can be done in open and distributed environments. 

Twitter -Build a PLN Through Social Media -Ongoing

Overall, Twitter has helped me develop a long-term open learning community that extends beyond my classmates (through retweets, followers, resources…). The outcome reflected is “Practice digital networked and open literacies in support of learning about distributed and open learning” as it allows us to learn and openly share ideas.

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