Hello everyone,

In preparation for my final blog and video submission, there has been many factors that have been obstacles in the post midterm progress of my learning plan. Therefore this blog, I decided to practice singing and confidence instead of playing the xylophone for the time being. I believe I will try and learn at least the chorus to A Thousand Years on the xylophone.

The following video will demonstrate my progression towards confidence, I also believe that the classroom dynamics change and I would be much less nervous than in front of a video. Anyways, throughout these practices I think that I learned the importance of practicing and scaffolding before putting the 2 playing and singing together. Last time I learnt the song before I added singing. This time I am focusing on the confidence aspect and singing of the song, before learning to play it. That way the song will just come more naturally and I can focus on playing.

Although this was not the original plan, learning in two different ways (starting with singing the song and starting with playing the song) are two ways that could be incorporated into the classroom. One way may work better for a student than another, as such these amendments are very transferable and very much so a learning opportunity.

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